Tuesday, September 25, 2012

 Pastor Yookon Ko welcomes you ! 

Join us at

1600 Taney Street
Eugene, OR

 Pastor Ko: (541) 513-2462 

 Church Services 

Sunday Mornings
  •   First Service (Praise and Worship) 10:00 am,  For young adults.
  •   Second Service 11:00 am
Wednesday Evening Service 7:30 pm

Saturday Early Morning Service 6:00 am

 Bible Study 

    Youth Group Bible Study: Sunday 11:30 am
    College Student Bible Study: Friday 6:30 pm
    Sunday School: Sunday 11:00 am

       ~  We have Korean style lunch after the Sunday morning service.

       ~  If anyone needs a ride, we can pick you up.

       ~  Any questions? Call (541) 513-2462